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At Tyson Enterprises, Incorporated we perform case review and discovery at our client’s direction, to include but not limited to:


At Tyson Enterprises, Incorporated we review construction contracts and advise our clients as to how the agreements, specifications, change orders, drawings, scheduling and other correspondence may affect all of the involved parties to the contracts and/or litigation.


Continuing education in the fast changing building industry is of most concern at Tyson Enterprises, Incorporated. Mr. Tyson attends many seminars, conferences, symposiums and training forums throughout the year, thereby, staying abreast of changing building products, installations and product limitations and possible product and/or installation failures.

There are many building, building maintenance and fire codes that affect new construction and existing buildings and premises maintenance. We research those codes and standards and advise our clients how these codes, laws and standards may apply to each litigation matter.

Mr. Tyson belongs to many code and standard authorities including, but not limited to ICC [formally BOCA, ICBO & SBCCI], MIAM, NFPA, IAEI, ASTM, etc. The training put on by these organizations; and understanding of the codes and/or safety laws is necessary when addressing allegations of faulty construction, failure to disclose and personal injury claims. Changing building, fire, property maintenance and life safety laws and standards affect the building industry at the time of construction and/or at the time of an incident’s occurrence. At Tyson Enterprises, Incorporated we keep abreast of the changes throughout the years to best advise our clients in anticipated or ongoing litigation matters.


Recognizing and enforcing the basics of construction is of the utmost importance in any site improvement. Building projects should have written agreements, drawings, preconstruction work and safety meetings, ongoing work and safety meetings and a through understanding between the general contractor/ construction manager and the subcontractors and between the Owner and the general contractor/ construction manager as to each parties responsibility. These responsibilities must be thoroughly understood and enforced as the project progresses towards an expected completion date.


Health, welfare and life safety is of the utmost concern in new construction and premises maintenance. Understanding building and fire codes and safety laws and standards such ADA and MIOSHA is a must concerning plaintiff allegations or defendant rebuttal in litigation matters. With our forensics services we assist our clients in recognizing, establishing and explaining these complicated issues to the Trier of Fact.

At Tyson Enterprises, Incorporated we provide our clients with opinions concerning causation and/or rebuttal of allegations as each case unfolds.

Since 1972 Mr. Tyson has worked for both plaintiff and defendant attorneys in all types of litigation that include construction, building and/or property maintenance and life safety issues.

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